Sunday, June 14, 2015

5 pm to 7 pm

Kalakaua Avenue
Ft. DeRussy to Kapiolani Park



As the sun sets on Sunday, the Pan-Pacific Festival culminates with a grand finale – the Pan-Pacific Parade! Colorful performers, dynamic drummers, sparkling dancers, high school marching bands and ethnic cultural groups from around the world all march down Kalakaua Avenue. It begins at Fort DeRussy, at the top of Waikiki and finishes at Kapi‘olani Park which is at the other end of Waikiki. Each year hundreds of marchers participate in this vibrant Parade!

Kiriko Float
Kiriko float being carried in the Parade

Don't miss the highlight: the return of the Noto Kiriko! In Japan, huge Shinto-style lantern floats called Kiriko are carried around at local festivals during the summer and autumn seasons. The word Kiriko comes from ‘Kiriko Toro’ or ‘hanging lantern.’ These lanterns are used to guard the front and back of the parade at night. Kiriko originally are from Noto Island in Ishikawa and are unique to this region; there are more than 700 Kiriko on Noto Island! Normally a Kiriko is about 4-5 meters high, but some are 15 meters tall and require more than a 100 people to carry them. At larger festivals sometimes more than 50 Kiriko show up, making for a truly magnificent sight!


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